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Calling All Art Lovers!

For creation and collection aficionados, The Painter’s Playground offers a game-based sandbox to craft and collect 2D artwork and share it with the online community. With slow-burning clicker-inspired progress, you will be peeling away layers for dozens of hours. Beyond that, strive to either be the buzz of the art house as a creator of sought-after works, or own the most coveted collection - or both!

  • Create works of digital art using a multitude of tools, paint colors, and canvases. 
  • Gain recognition for your efforts through the online community with ‘thumbs up’ artwork appreciation votes and/or selling your work.
  • Manage your gallery to ensure you have the most coveted collection of curated works
  • Earn Renown (XP) through painting idle clicker-style, and Bits (currency) from gallery sales. Spend these currencies on permanent upgrades, a variety of canvases, new painting tools, paint colors, votes on your favorite paintings in The Community Harbor, and much more.
  • Invest Renown into progressing through 15 levels as a career artist. The achievement and unlock system caters to creative gamers that enjoy a slow-burning ‘lifestyle’ game.
  • Enjoy the beautiful IRL hand-crafted oil painted world by renowned artist Russell Murray. 
  • Supports Wacom drawing tablets right out of the box.
  • Unlock The World is Your Oyster Mode to paint with absolutely no limitations.

...And more! We welcome you to join us on the final leg of our journey as we put final touches on the core mechanic as well as add in new ones. Just a few future additions that are coming soon include The Daily Community Art Challenge, leaderboards, swappable menus that you can create and sell, and a full tutorial system (see the Roadmap in the community discussion board below).

Important Notes:

  • The demo will contain the exact same files as the paid version until closer to release. The beta version will not be functional after release.
  • If you choose to purchase the game now, you will get full access to all future updates as well as a Steam key upon full release.
  • Updates will occur on the first Friday of every month.
  • Full release is January 11, 2018.
  • See plans for the future in the pinned topic below (Welcome! Here is the Roadmap).


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

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