Beta 2 Now!

Beta 2 is ready!

One very obvious change is that the user interface has been updated. It's much nicer now.

Also, preliminary leaderboards are implemented. The game will save some of your stats online, and you can see how you compare to other players in categories like painting sales income and most gallery thumbs up. Click the large area in the upper left of the main screen to see leaderboards (the paintings on the window sill).

The game now contains the first part of a tutorial, fully explaining all the basic controls and functionality. It will be expanded in the future, and might even occur in themed "chapters" and be replayable. Note that if you have a pre-existing save file, the tutorial may not pop up for you. One option would be to start over by deleting your save file in the options menu, but you might not need a tutorial by this point ;)

According to the page, we would update the first Friday of every month. In this case, that left a gap in our service, as the previous version's connectivity had expired Novemeber 1st. We apologize, and will keep this in mind for future updates. The new version should fix that for you now.

We look forward to seeing what you contribute to the online market and community galleries!


TPP Beta 184 MB
Nov 02, 2017 184 MB
Nov 02, 2017

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