Alrighty, here is the list:

  • adjusted the "brush size indicator" while painting.
  • added the "second close-up" of paintings, so that they fill most or all of the screen.
  • moved the most recent showcase paintings to the front, instead of the back.
  • the player can now save and showcase paintings created in oyster mode, but *not* sell them.
  • incorporated new graphical help screens.
  • changed the starting canvas (default) back to pure white. "realistic" will be a "setting" in future.
  • fixed a ridiculous undo error that switched data between different game modes.
  • put the revised "water color brush" in the game.
  • the game will now send you a welcome email when you create an artist identity.
  • if you remember the artist name and email address you used, you can get an email of your password !
  • leaderboards now show your score even if you are not in the top 10
  • fixed things that last week's fixes broke.
  • probably fixed the "daily challenge" issues. this should now be an official feature.

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